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Who Will Haul Off a Washer and Dryer in Wilmington, NC

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Same-Day Appliance Pickup

Most washers and dryers last a few years but the inevitable will always come to pass when they just don’t get the job done. The washer stops mid-cycle and the dryer will not get hot enough to dry the clothes. So, now it’s time to purchase a new set and you are wondering who will haul off a washer and dryer in Wilmington, NC?

When you call a junk removal company; make sure they are professionals. Quikhaul LLC® will pick up and haul off a washer and dryer most times the same day you call. Move your appliances, if possible, to the garage for easy removal. Always measure the door frame beforehand to make sure it will fit without any damage. Unplug the washer and remove any hoses that are connected before moving it. There will be some water left in the hose so make sure it does not get on your floor. Wipe up any water that has leaked out of the hose. GET QUIK’S QUOTE

Washer and Dryer Haul Away

Give Quikhaul LLC® a call at 910-475-7000 when you are ready for us to haul off a washer and dryer before the new ones arrive. Appliance removal and disposal are one of our specialties and our customer service reviews are nothing less than 5 stars!

Thinking of replacing all your appliances? Old non-working refrigerator pickup can also be done while removing your washer and dryer. Keep a budget in mind. Want to find out more about how much does junk removal cost in Wilmington, NC?

Fast Dryer Haul Away Wilmington NC

The cost will depend on many factors such as the size, the distance, and how many men will be needed. And it is more cost-effective to have everything done at the same time when it comes to junk removal. Quikhaul LLC® makes it easy! Get rid of everything you don’t want to take with you all at once.

Give Quikhaul LLC® a call today at 910-475-7000 to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for a quote!

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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Wilmington NC?

Like many expert services, your ultimate junk removal cost will depend upon a few factors. Getting rid of unwanted items from your home or workplace makes a lot of sense. An uncluttered environment looks pristine, is easier to keep clean, and provides a safer environment due to fewer tripping hazards. However, you’re probably wondering what to expect in terms of junk removal costs.

Below are three of the biggest considerations that will contribute to your final bill.

1. How Much Junk Removal Do You Need?

There’s a big difference between a whole-house cleanout and removing junk from a small storage shed. The size of your project naturally will affect the overall junk removal cost by the service provider. Have an idea in mind and be upfront with your junk remover of choice about the scope of the job.

2. What Unwanted Items Do You Want the Junk Removal Company to Haul Away?

Maybe you have a few neat and tidy boxes lined up in storage that you need your Wilmington, NC junk remover to take away. Or perhaps you require extensive appliance removal or heavy furniture removal. The types of objects and their bulk can have a direct effect on pricing. Be sure to mention if any items are located in tricky spots, such as on the top floor of a three-story home or tucked away in a remote basement room.

3. Will Your Junk Require Special Disposal?

Not all junk can be tossed into the garbage. Some of it must be safely and specially discarded. Your junk removal services provider will set a fee that includes any unusual disposal requirements. The team will also discuss the possibilities of recycling or donating goods that can have a second life. For instance, you may want furniture removal for a couch and loveseat that isn’t quite ready for retirement.

Budgeting for Junk Removal in Wilmington

Above all else, it’s important to find a junk remover that you can trust to give you a fair, accurate quote after learning the extent of your needs. If you’re in the Wilmington, NC area, QuikHaul LLC® can make things happen for you—quickly and conveniently. Get a quote today for furniture removal, appliance removal, debris removal, and many other essential junk removal services.

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The Best Garage Cleaning Services Near Me

Garage Cleaning Wilmington NC


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    Junk Removal

    Need it haul away, no problem. Save funds and time from renting a truck. Book it now!

    Garage Cleaning Services Near Me

    Get your car back in the garage with Quikhaul LLC’s® garage cleaning services. Like a lot of people, most of us don’t want to get rid of items that may be of some use in the future. Unfortunately, after a few years of storing things in the garage, there is no room left for the car! But Quikhaul LLC© provides the service you need. We have the best garage cleaning services for small and large jobs.

    5 Star Service Rating

    You will need a few boxes or large garbage bags to place the items in. How many you need will depend on how much you want to dispose of. If some of the items are too large for a bag or a box, simply leave them as they are. Our garage cleaning services team will be able to load them into the truck for easy removal. Read the testimonials from some of our previous customers who gave us a 5-star rating!

    Easy Curb Pickup

    For easy pickup of boxed and bagged items, place them outside the garage or by the curb. This will help with social distancing during COVID-19. If you find that you just can’t get rid of some items and have a storage unit, you can make arrangements to have them moved to that location the same day.

    Before you know it, your garage will be free of clutter. Pull the car on in and experience once again how nice it is to have your car in the garage. No more dodging the rain and getting your feet and clothes wet. And it will take fewer steps to get those heavy groceries and packages into the house. Quikhaul LLC© has the best junk removal and garage cleaning services available in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. Give us a call today at 910-475-700.

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    5 Ways to Save Money With a Self Storage Unit Cleanout


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    Self Storage Unit Cleanout

    Here are some tips on how you can make or save money with a self-storage unit cleanout.

    1. Storage Unit Cleanout Sale

    Hold a storage unit clean-out sale. People love getting a bargain and you can make some extra money, especially if you are moving out of the area. How many more times are you going to move the same things that you no longer use? Some things may be hard to part with, but let the other stuff go. Sell your furniture, appliances, and other items through consignment stores, social media, and local ad sites.

    2. Save Money with Decluttering

    Occasionally a storage unit cleanout requires a truly professional touch. It’s amazing how quickly things can accumulate. We’ve all heard it many times before. Usually when we don’t really want to, “change is the only thing that’s really consistent.” 

    It touches us all and sometimes that change means that we have to move. When that happens there’s an incredible amount of stuff to think about. So, what you need is Quikhaul LLC® to step in and take care of decluttering and heavy lifting, literally. Just make an inventory list of things you want to keep and clutter you want to get rid of.

    3. Where to Get Rid of Old Furniture

    It’s best to get rid of old furniture you don’t want to take with you before moving. If it’s old and soiled, you will probably want to have it hauled away. Although furniture removal is just part of what we do, we always do everything professionally. If it’s a home cleanout or an estate cleanout, the one thing you can count on is Quikhaul LLC®! You can donate any usable furniture to a local church or non-profit.  They probably have a list of people who are in need. Also, check your local news for anyone who has lost everything due to a fire. They will appreciate anything that you can give.  Check out our reviews from previous clients about our awesome, 5-star, customer service.

    4. Reduce your inventory

    Now that you have reduced your inventory of unwanted items in your storage unit, you can move into a smaller storage unit. This will help save even more money! Just think of all those months and years you have been hanging on to worthless junk! At Quikhaul LLC® we do it well.  More times than not, a storage unit is packed according to how the items were unloaded from the truck. This means that the items you plan to use in the near future are now in the back of the storage unit.

    5. Organize Your Self Storage Unit

    Another service we provide help with is self-storage unit organizing. Face it, not everyone has the time or the means to get rid of unwanted junk. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it does. Our team will move your belongings from one self-storage unit to another. This will give you a chance to bring forward the things you might use in the near future. Boxes, furniture, and other items will be transferred in a neat and organized manner. Our team can easily rearrange and organize your self-storage unit for easier access.

    Abandoned Storage Unit Cleanup

    An abandoned storage unit leaves the landlord or property owner with a mess. And this mess can prevent the next tenant from moving their possessions into a storage unit.

    There is no need for any self-storage facility to go a week or more before furniture and personal belongings are removed and disposed of. It needs to be cleaned out ASAP so that it can create cash flow again. Waiting will only lead to a loss of income. However, Quikhaul LLC® is just a phone call away at 910-475-7000! We desire to provide our customers with quick and affordable self-storage unit cleanout service to ease their stress.

    Junk removal is one area where we shine and it makes us feel good to help people. So, if you are in need of appliance removal, furniture removal, or yard debris removal, the name to remember is Quikhaul LLC®. “We get things done QUIK!”

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    Five Questions to Ask a Junk Removal Company Before Hiring

    When hiring someone to remove and dispose of your unwanted items, make sure you fully understand what is included in the pricing. This way, the price quoted will not change. Be upfront with everything you need to be hauled away. Pricing for the service should not change unless you add more items to the list. Here a just a few questions to ask a junk removal company before hiring them.

    What type of junk do you remove?

    First, you want to ensure that the type of junk you have to be disposed of can be removed by a company you are hiring. Hire a reputable business that will complete the job. And, not all companies remove the same type of waste. For instance, if you have appliances to be removed, you will want to call a company that has experience in appliance removal. The same thing goes for old furniture. If you have furniture to be removed, use a junk removal company that can get rid of old furniture. All household, business, or yard waste will have to be disposed of according to the city’s ordinances. Office furniture cleanouts, mattress removal, hot water heaters, appliance removal, and so much more, will require junk removal and disposal services.

    The second question to ask junk removal companies is “do you recycle?

    Recycling has become extremely important over the years. You want a company that is conscious of our environment. We all have to take part in recycling what we can for the earth’s sake. Make sure that all junk is removed and disposed of where it belongs and not on the side of the road. This is a good question to ask a junk removal company before you hire them. Where they take the items to be recycled.

    Do they offer dumpster rental?

    So what are other great questions to ask a junk removal company? A company that offers dumpster rental service is a nice option to have. Larger jobs may require clearing and clean out of a whole facility. Hire a company that can make arrangements for the dumpster rental for you. Large jobs such as estate cleanouts, home eviction, and storage unit cleanout will probably need a dumpster rental as well.

    After removing all the furniture and other household goods, the company should make the final arrangements for the dumpster rental to be picked up and taken to the landfill. This is a great help to families who have lost a loved one who doesn’t want to deal with the disposal. 

    Self-storage unit facilities also find it useful for abandoned storage units on the property. Especially if there are several storage units that have been abandoned and need to be cleaned out at the same time.

    How quickly does your junk removal company get the job done?

    The quicker, the better. Especially when it comes to removing junk. Find a company that can get the junk picked up within a couple of hours or the next day. Also, hire a professional company that has the knowledge and equipment to get the job done efficiently. 

    A final question to ask is “what is your price?”

    Make sure their services are in your price range. Choose a company that is reasonable. Going with the cheapest is not always the best solution. Especially if you have items that have to be removed from inside the home. Although some crews may be cheap, they are not conscious of your floors and walls. These can get damaged if appliances and furniture are not removed by professionals who have experience.

    Another thing to do is research a company on the Internet concerning their services. A company with great “reviews” says a lot about a company. You know if the company has 5-star reviews, that it is reputable and trustworthy. This way you can be sure to get your money’s worth, get what you’ve envisioned, and make sure the job is done correctly.

    Fill out a quote request or give Quikhaul LLC® a call at 910-475-7000 for pricing on junk removal services.