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    Quikhaul LLC® provides many awesome services for your home and/or business in Wilmington, Southport, Oak Island, Leland, and Hampstead. Give us a call today to book your moving labor help, junk removal, or delivery.!

    We pack your truck

    Our professionals will pack and unpack your moving truck with care. Quikhaul LLC® has nothing less than 5-star reviews from satisfied customers and A+ customer service is our number one goal!

    Jennifer Edwards

    “A++++++!!! Sheraton (and his wife, Gail) was absolutely wonderful!! I called to ask if he could move furniture from across town with less than 24 hours notice and he made it happen!! Very professional, courteous, extremely careful with our belongings, and got the job done better than we could have hands down!! We definitely recommend and will definitely be calling again!! Thanks, again, Sheraton!!”

    Wilmington NC Apartment Movers

    Quikhaul LLC’s® apartment movers in Wilmington NC will get you moved ASAP! Wilmington NC is having a huge growth spurt. By leaps and bounds, some might say! People from all around the US are moving here. If you are one of them, welcome to Wilmington! 

    Moving to a New Apartment?

    Quikhaul LLC® in Wilmington NC has seen a great influx in the building of new apartments, homes, condos, and businesses alike. Not to mention being built at record speed! Incidentally, up-and-coming downtown condos and rental spaces are being sold and leased before they have even been built! Apartments that have already been built along the riverfront offer a fantastic view of the Cape Fear River. Not to mention some great restaurants, art galleries, and a scenic riverwalk in the area.

    Quikhaul’s moving labor services in Wilmington NC are affordable and professional. And the team is ready for those who are wanting to move or are new to the area. Especially for those who are single and don’t have any help.

    With all the apartments being built in Wilmington, NC, many people who already live here are jumping ship to a brand new apartment. Who doesn’t want to live in something new and more modern! Apartment Movers in Wilmington NC can make things go smoother and a lot easier.

    Do you have some older furniture that needs to be replaced and doesn’t want to take it to your new home? Quikhaul provides furniture removal in Wilmington NC and appliance removal and disposal service as well. With this in mind, let us know when scheduling your appointment time. We will make sure they get disposed of or recycled.

    Apartment Movers

    As you might be aware, most older apartments have very narrow stairs. In any case, navigating them with heavy furniture can be very difficult. For those of you who need a few strong men for a few hours, Quikhaul is here to help with the heavy lifting. All in all, our apartment movers in Wilmington NC can make things happen fast. Furthermore, our Quikhaul team will take extra precautions not to damage your furniture, personal belongings, or the walls in your new apartment or condo. Besides, we know that your new apartment home is important to you and your family. 

    Apartment Movers in Wilmington NC

    From students who are attending college or retiring seniors that need help moving into your new apartment, condo, or senior living home, Quikhaul is here to help. For those who are new to the area and need a helping hand, our professional, experienced, and friendly apartment movers at Quikhaul are ready to provide service to you. We can wrap and/or unwrap your furniture upon loading and unloading.

    In brief, customers were so pleased with Quickhaul’s fast and professional response that they gave us some great reviews on Facebook! Our team will arrive promptly at your scheduled time. When other moving companies won’t, Quikhaul will! Don’t wait till it’s too late to schedule your apartment move. Call Quikhaul today at 910-475-7000.

    Quikhaull is a moving labor only service.