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    Wilmington NC Moving Services

    Quikhaul is a local and family-owned, Christian based moving and hauling services company. Our moving services Wilmington NC is just one of several services that our friendly and professional team provides. Besides moving services in Wilmington NC, here is a list of other services we offer for residential and commercial. To schedule an appointment call 910-475-7000.

    • Furniture Removal in Wilmington NC is something that we all can use from time to time. Household furniture tends to get worn out over time and Quikhaul can dispose of the old in the proper manner.
    • Hauling and moving services for all your needs. Yard debris, concrete scraps, old lawn furniture or whatever you don’t want anymore. 
    • Apartment moving services when you are ready for a “new view.”
    • Appliance removal and disposal of old refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers on their last legs. We recycle or find new owners if the appliances are still working.
    • Moving labor services in Wilmington NC for those who need a helping hand loading or unloading their truck, pod or storage unit.
    • Estate cleanouts to help ease the burden of an emotional time. Your real estate agent can make arrangements with Quikhaul for you.
    • Storage cleanouts of unwanted clutter that you are hanging on to.
    • Rental property cleanouts of household and personal belongings left behind by tenants.

    Quikhaul makes things happen fast! We believe in getting the job done right the first time. We offer a wrapping service for all your household goods that need a little extra protection. You know, like china cabinets, mirrors, antiques, etc. Moreover, our experienced and trained teams provide personal and quality, professional moving services when it comes to your belongings. What’s more, there’s no extra charge for the smile!

    Moving Services Wilmington NC

    Quikhaul takes great satisfaction knowing that our experienced and professional team provides the best moving service possible. Taking care of you, your family or business is important to us.

    Whether you need just a couple of appliances, pieces of furniture, yard equipment or debris hauled away and disposed of or moved to different location, Quikhaul is here for you! Call 910-475-7000 today!

    Quikhaul is a moving labor only service.