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    Old TV Disposal &  Removal Wilmington, NC

    So what is the right way to dispose of and remove old TVs? And, they still work! However, what happens when they don’t play anymore? Old TV disposal and recycling removal services are handled in a different way than normal junk removal. If you are doing a home cleanout, chances are it will include old TV disposal. 

    Recycling Old TV 

    TVs are considered e-waste, electronic waste. Electronics are taken to a different recycling location because of toxic heavy metals. Some large TVs can even have up to 8 pounds of lead! And, they are very heavy, to say the least.

    TV Removal

    It will take at least a couple of strong young men to handle the big ones. Disposing of old TVs can be a health hazard if the glass is broken. Taking a TV down a flight of stairs can be tricky. Our professionals at Quikhaul are very careful to remove and dispose of your old TV without damaging the walls and floors of your home. This is very important to take into consideration when hiring a junk removal company.

    Time for a new TV! Quikhaul delivery service will deliver from any local retail store. Costco and Sam’s Club has great prices but does not offer delivery. Find out more about what Quikhaul delivers or call 910-475-7000 today.