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    • Home cleanouts
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    • Junk removal and recycling
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    Furniture Removal and Disposal Wilmington NC

    Furniture removal and disposal in Wilmington North Carolina is something that Quikhaul has lots of experience with. Do you have some old and worn furniture that needs to be removed from your home, condo, apartment or office?

    Not knowing where to dispose of old furniture can be a task. Especially if you don’t have a truck or anyone to help with the heavy lifting. However, not only that, did you know it’s illegal to dump anything on the side of the road? And dumping in someone else’s dumpster is not recommended either. In any event, getting rid of or disposing of old furniture is easy with Quikhaul.

    Furniture Recycling

    For a start, the county you live in most likely provides a landfill for all your discarded items. However, landfills do charge different fees depending on what it is. Most bulky items such as furniture and mattresses are charged by the ton. Subsequently, keep this in mind when hiring someone for furniture removal Wilmington North Carolina. Quikhaul is here to help. We can haul off your unwanted household furniture, appliances, and other items. That’s why it just makes sense to give Quikhaul a call today for all your moving labor, furniture removal and appliance removal and disposal service needs!

    Those who are going through a transition with parents or siblings passing on, face the inevitable. What do you do with all the furniture and belongings that no one wants? Furniture removal and disposal from a loved ones home or business will require, what is called, an Estate cleanout.

    In the event family members plan to put the property or business up for sale, they can ask their realtor to help orchestrate the cleanout. With this in mind your real estate agent, who will be listing the home or business for sale, can make arrangements with Quikhaul. They can schedule a time to have furniture and all other household items removed. As a result, our experienced team can help ease the burden. Quikhaul can take care of unwanted furniture and personal belongings for you.

    As a final point, what size and how many dumpsters needed will depend on the amount of furniture and other items to be removed. Call Quikhaul today for a free estimate of furniture removal or moving services Wilmington NC and to schedule your appointment time for pickup at 910-475-7000.

    Old Furniture Removal Services

    Quikhaul LLC provides a quick and safe old furniture removal service. Over time, furniture gets worn and needs replacing. So, before your new furniture arrives, give us a call at 910-475-7000 for easy removal of any sofa, recliners, mattresses, or tables so that the path is clear for the delivery of your new furniture. Simply place your old furniture in the garage or by the curb on the day of your new furniture delivery for a quick, same-day pickup.