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    • Refrigerator removal and disposal
    • New appliance delivery service
    • Water heater removal
    • Refrigerator delivery service
    • Washer and dryer removal services
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    Wilmington NC Appliance Removal

    Quikhaul appliance removal and disposal service Wilmington NC will make sure that your old appliances are disposed of properly. Sure, your city garbage company is able to pick them up but how long will it take your address to come up on the schedule? Old appliances can be an eyesore just sitting on the side of the road. Furthermore, they are in the way if you have put them in the garage, hoping the day will come quickly for their pickup. So, why wait for the city to come and pick them up in a few weeks? And, renting a truck and doing it yourself can be time-consuming as well.

    But guess what? You will still need a couple of strong men to lift and load your old appliances. Call Quikhaul today for all your moving and labor services at 910-475-7000. On average, most washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers last 10 – 13 years (Sears). Most of us have bought a home, condo or have a rental property that already contains appliances.

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    Appliance Recycling

    Unfortunately, sooner or later, those appliances will wear out and need to be replaced. If you have replaced them in the past you are well aware that refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and even a large TV can be very heavy. If you have old appliances that don’t work anymore or you are just wanting to upgrade to something new, Quikhaul can get the job done. QUIK!

    If your old appliances are still in working order, we can try to help find a new home for them or recycle them at the local recycling center. Give Quikhaul a call right now at 910-475-7000! Our Quikhaul team is here for all your appliance removal and disposal service needs in Wilmington NC. Help keep Wilmington, NC as beautiful as possible.

    Quikhaul also provides furniture removal, moving and hauling services for your home, apartment, and business.