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    Disposal Refrigerator Removal Wilmington NC

    Unfortunately, most home appliances, like a refrigerator, don’t last forever. And, Quikhual LLC® uses great care with disposal refrigerator removal in Wilmington, NC. Why? You can not easily move bulky refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances. And, the doors of the refrigerator or home will be removed to protect your walls and floors. Especially side-by-side model refrigerators. Leave your appliance concerns to Quikhaul LLC’s experienced team with all your appliance removal and disposal needs.  We have the right tools, know-how, and an experienced team ready to help.

    Refrigerator Disposal Laws

    Older refrigerators hold toxic chemicals known as “freon.” The newer refrigerator and freezer models contain Tetrafluoroethane. This chemical is much safer for the environment. It starts as a gas and turns into a liquid. Freon, however, starts as a liquid and then forms a gas. In any case, removing, and disposing of refrigerators will take some strength and expertise. Quikhaul LLC® will recycle your old refrigerator at the local recycling center for proper disposal. We all have to take part in taking care of the planet. 

    Also, we provide a refrigerator delivery service that makes the whole process more convenient for you. Save money with one appointment for the removal and delivery of your appliances. Give Quikhaul LLC® a call today at 910-475-7000 or get a quote online now for all your disposal refrigerator removal Wilmington NC services.

    Refrigerator removal

    Refrigerator disposal near me

    You will know when it’s time to call Quikhaul LLC® to have your refrigerator removed and disposed of. There is nothing worse than opening the fridge door and the air is warm. The food will have to be thrown out because of spoilage.

    Now you will have to get your old refrigerator ready for disposal. Here are the necessary steps to take when doing so:

    1. Inspect the frozen food in the freezer. Check the temperature. If it is still frozen, decide if you want to keep it or throw it out.
    2. Make sure to unplug the fridge to completely defrost.
    3. Decide if it is worth having the old refrigerator serviced or purchase a new one. If it is still under warranty, of course, it makes sense to take advantage of replacement.
    4. Call Quikhaul LLC® at 910-475-7000 for a free quote for refrigerator removal and schedule an appointment.
    5. Remove the shelves and place in the bottom of the fridge.
    6. Remove your old non-working refrigerator to your garage for easy access and removal.

    Old Refrigerator Pick-Up

    Quikhaul provides same-day service for old refrigerator pick-up. Refrigerators and freezers are bulky items that can be heavy to dispose of. Old appliances need experienced and strong service providers to dispose of these items. Call today to schedule your old refrigerator pick-up.