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Sofa Removal and Disposal

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Sofa Removal and Disposal 

Quikhaul’s experienced team will handle your sofa removal and disposal in Wilmington NC in a professional way. We take our time and extra care when removing your couch or furniture. Especially when it comes to your walls and floors. Our team protects your floors and will lift your sofa for removal, and not drag it. And, furniture removal in Wilmington NC is just one of our specialties. You can read our reviews from many previous satisfied customers. 

Furniture Disposal

Furniture delivery, moving labor services for loading and unloading your truck, and delivery of appliances, are what we do best. Rest assured that we will remove and dispose of your sofa, refrigerator, or electronics at the county landfill or through recycling. 

Keep in mind that the landfill charges for disposal of all household items, junk, and debris. Having a sofa removed by Quikhaul is affordable and mainly, very convenient for you. Why rent a truck and spend your valuable time disposing of any unwanted furniture when Quikhaul LL® can get it done for you? 

Quikhaul LLC® also provides office moves and home cleanouts which includes junk removal for both residential and commercial businesses. Give us a call now at 910-475-7000 to schedule your appointment for sofa removal and disposal in Wilmington NC and the surrounding areas today.

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