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Junk Removal Wilmington, NC


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    • Appliance removal and disposal in Wilmington NC
    • Furniture removal in Wilmington NC
    • Garage cleanout – make some room for the car
    • Yard debris – branches and old sheds
    • Home renovations – removal of old kitchen cabinets
    • Office renovations – replace desk, file cabinets, office furniture
    • Home cleanout
    • Apartment eviction cleanouts
    • Apartment renovations – removal of appliances and carpet
    • Estate cleanout
    • Selling home cleanout
    • Old boats and motors
    • Riding and push lawn mowers
    • Attics
    • Retail stores – business closing
    • Old tires
    • Scrap metal
    • Carpeting – replace flooring


    Wilmington, NC Junk Removal

    With Quikhaul’s services for junk removal in Wilmington NC, you can say goodbye to all your residential or commercial junk. Our team will pick up and remove your household furniture, appliances, yard debris, and so much more. Curbside service is a must these days and our team complies with safe social distancing. Home cleanouts are a regular chore that we have to face every few years. Things accumulate, get damaged, and most times are put in the garage and keep you from using it for what it was designed for. Your car! No job is too small or too big. Just give us a call now at 910-475-7000 to schedule your appointment.


    Local Junk Removal and Hauling Near Me

    A lot of homeowners live in new neighborhoods that have strict HOA rules. And, our local junk removal and hauling services in Wilmington, NC will keep you in compliance. We provide quick service that is always friendly, experienced, and professional.

    We want to help with protecting the environment when it comes to recycling things such as old appliances, furniture, and other useful household items that still have some life left in them. And, our services include sweeping or raking up remnants and debris when needed. We complete every junk removal job that we provide service for. And, we are happy to offer affordable junk removal service and do it when others won’t.

    If you need moving labor services in Wilmington NC for your home, apartment, condo, or business, Quikhaul LLC® provides this service as well! No job is too small or too big.

    Wilmington NC Commercial Junk Removal Services

    Whatever kind of junk you need hauling and disposed of, we can work something out. Our junk removal Wilmington NC service is perfect for homeowners who are selling their homes or have rental homes. Furthermore, apartment managers can rely on Quikhaul LLC® for all commercial junk removal and hauling of personal items and furniture left behind by previous tenants. Are you ready for a fresh, updated, and modern office? Give us a call and get a quote for an office furniture cleanout today! We will haul away office furniture, computers, monitors, desks, carpet, whatever it is, we will pick up and dispose of it for you.

    Junk Pickup Near Me

    Getting ready for the Christmas holidays and need some junk picked up and disposed of? Now is the perfect time to spruce up the house and get ready for family and friends. So, that means you will need to call your local junk removal team at Quikhaul LLC®. Your home will look less cluttered after doing some purging of old furniture, appliances, or old carpet. 

    Don’t forget about the attic! The fall and winter months are a great time of the year to tackle the attic. Get rid of those old toys and things you have been hanging on to. Will you ever have a need for a lot of those things anymore? You probably don’t even remember they are up there! And guess what? You will probably just be adding more things to the attic after the holidays. More times than not, things stored in the attic become brittle or broken from the heat over the years. Especially old suitcases and holiday decorations.

    Rental Home Junk Removal

    Are you a landlord and have tenants that tend to leave a lot of things behind? It happens to all landlords, unfortunately. But, Quikhaul junk removal specialists are here to help. Just give us a call for a free estimate. Taking some pictures of everything that needs to be hauled away will be very helpful in giving an accurate quote. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 910-475-7000 to haul away your unwanted junk. You will be glad you did!

    Beach House Junk Removal

    Wilmington, NC is famous for its beaches! And, buying a house on the beach will bring many wonderful memories spent with family and friends. However, many beach homes come fully furnished. Especially if it is an older home. Why? Because the family who previously owned the home probably doesn’t have any use for the furniture. And, selling the house already furnished can be helpful for a fast move-in. However, sometimes you will need a beach house junk removal service because you are looking to renovate or update the home with your creative style. In any case, Quikhaul LLC is always here to help remove some of the pieces or the whole house of furniture for you. Just give us a call today at 910-475-7000.

    Same-Day Junk Removal Near Me

    With so many changes in the world today, no contact junk removal services can make things safer for everyone. Quikhaul LLC® understands and respects your need to have your junk removed with little to no contact.

    Furthermore, our workers can remove your items from the curb or garage. And we provide same-day service as well! Just give us a call and make an appointment that is most convenient for you and your household. Most neighborhoods these days have an HOA and don’t allow household items for removal and disposal to be placed by the curb for more than a day. Our same-day, no-contact junk removal services help homeowners stay compliant with the community.