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    Mattress Removal Wilmington NC

    When is it time for mattress removal Wilmington NC? Does your back hurt, is your side of the bed in the middle? Bed bugs?! If you answered yes to any of these then having your mattress removed and disposed of is necessary. And, the sooner the better. Your body will love you for it.

    Aching backs can affect your overall health. Your only option is a new mattress and boxspring. And who doesn’t want a nice new mattress! Quikhaul mattress removal service will dispose and recycle your old one. We strive to complete our services according to health and recycling laws. The dreaded “bed bug” issue has made it very difficult to donate mattresses and boxsprings to local charities. Bed bugs are no joke. Your mattress and boxsprings need to be placed in plastic bags to protect others. It is very easy to transfer bed bugs. Your local pest control can help with this when they come to spray.

    Quikhaul LLC® mattress delivery service can bring your new set to you. Our services also include bed assembly for your bedframe, headboard, and footboard. Just let us know when you schedule your new mattress pickup and delivery.

    We provide mattress removal, disposal, and delivery for hotels and motels as well.

    For any and all junk removal, give Quikhaul LLC® a call today at 910-475-7000.