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    Our professional Quikhaul team wants to help make your move a smooth one. Moving labor services in Wilmington NC is our specialty.

    Traveling from one home to another can be very tiresome. Not to mention moving from another city or from out of state. Furthermore, if your new home or business has a second or third floor, you know that those stairs are not going to make things any easier for you. Let the Quikhaul Team do the heavy lifting! It will take a team of men to get your heavy furniture up the stairs and into your new home or business. Unloading and loading furniture from or into your truck is one of our specialties. We take great care in doing so.

    Many people are selling their homes right now but haven’t quite found that “perfect place” to call their “new home”. If you plan to take your time in finding a new home and want to put your household furniture in storage, we can help with that as well. Call our professional Quikhaul team today at 910-475-7000!

    Rent Your Own Truck and Save Money

    Have you decided to move across town and want to save some money by renting your own truck for a residential or business move? Our professional team is trained and ready to help with the loading and unloading of your heavy furniture. Appliances and business equipment for your new business or home are not a problem. Our appliance removal and disposal service in Wilmington NC can haul away any old appliances not needed. When renting your truck, be sure to ask for plenty of moving blankets so that our team can make sure your belongings are wrapped with care, like it’s our own. When moving, most of us discover we have some things we don’t want or need anymore. Let our moving and hauling services Wilmington NC take care of that as well. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

    Let’s face it, moving your household or business can be exhausting. The last thing you want to do is unload all that furniture into your new apartment, home, or business. Quikhaul’s apartment movers Wilmington NC are here to make it easier. Especially if you have children who are ready to have a restful night’s sleep in their own bed. And, those with businesses need to “get back into business” as soon as possible. Wilmington NC moving labor help is provided by our experienced Quikhaul team. They are always ready and able to load or unload your truck at a moments notice. No job is too small or big, for that matter. Just give Quikhaul a call today to schedule the unloading of your truck so you can get on with life. Call 910-475-7000 today!

    Quikhaul LLC® is a moving labor only service.