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    Moving Labor Wilmington, NC

    Moving Labor Services Wilmington, NC

    Providing safe and efficient moving labor services in Wilmington NC is our specialty. Our professional and experienced Quikhaul LLC® team provides moving labor services in Wilmington, NC. And, we want to help make your move a smooth one when loading or unloading your truck or pod.

    Traveling from one home to another can be very tiresome. Not to mention moving from another city or from out of state. Furthermore, if your new home or business has a second or third floor, you know that those stairs are not something you want to tackle and Quikhaul LLC® makes things easier for you. We will do all the heavy lifting! Moving furniture and appliances upstairs and into your new home or business will take a team of men. And, we will take great care in doing so.

    Many people are selling their homes right now but haven’t quite found that “perfect place” to call their “new home.” If you plan to take your time in finding a new home and want to put your household furniture in storage, we can help with that as well. Give us a call today for a free estimate at 910-475-7000!

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    Save Money When You Rent the Truck

    Have you decided to move across town and want to save some money by renting your own truck for a residential or business move? Renting a truck just makes sense and will save you money in the long run. Why? Because a full moving company prices their services differently. At Quikhaul LLC® we will give you a quote that includes everything. Of course, if the move takes longer than expected, the final amount will be more. You will be advised of the hourly charge per man per hour when given a quote for the moving labor services in Wilmington, NC.

    When renting a truck, be sure to ask for plenty of moving blankets. This will ensure that the team will have enough to wrap your belongings with care. Just like it’s our own! Give us a call now! Our professionals are ready to help with the loading and unloading of your heavy furniture. And, Quikhaul LLC® also provides business-to-business moving labor services. We will pick up and deliver new appliances and business equipment to your business or home. Our moving labor services in Wilmington NC provide the help you need and do all the heavy lifting for you.

    Let’s face it, moving your household or business can be exhausting. The last thing you want to do is load everything into the truck after packing boxes and discarding unwanted items. Not to mention unloading all that furniture into your new apartment, home, or business. Quikhaul’s apartment movers in Wilmington NC are here to make it easier. Especially if you have children who are ready to have a restful night’s sleep in their own bed. And, those with businesses need to “get back into business” as soon as possible. Wilmington NC moving labor help is provided by our experienced Quikhaul LLC® team. We are always ready and able to load or unload your truck at a moment’s notice. 

    Rent a Truck and Save

    Did you know that moving during the winter will also save you some money? Renting a truck will cost you less and finding moving labor services in Wilmington, NC when you need it will be a lot less challenging. This is because more people move during the summer. Why? Because children are out of school and it makes for an easier transition for everyone. The kids can make friends in the neighborhood before returning to school.

    If moving during the summer months is your only option, schedule your moving labor at least one month in advance. And, always check out the reviews! You will gain a lot of knowledge about the company you are hiring. A 5-star review goes a long way when it comes to moving.

    Our appliance removal and disposal service in Wilmington NC can also haul away any old appliances you don’t want anymore before or after your move. When the time comes for moving, most of us discover we have accumulated way more than we need.  No job is too small or big. Just give Quikhaul LLC® a call today for Wilmington, NC moving labor services and schedule the unloading of your truck so you can get on with life.

    Business to Home Moving Labor Service

    Sometimes you just need a little help. You will need to hire a moving labor service for retail businesses that don’t deliver. Major appliances such as freezers and refrigerators, furniture, and outdoor equipment can be awkward to move. Not to mention, heavy! Sure, you can rent a truck if you don’t have one, but who is going to do the lifting? Your friendly neighbor or family member may be willing to help, but do they know how to move it without incurring damage?

    Not only are large items difficult to load and unload, but you also have to have a plan to get them to their new location. Our professionals know the drill. And, Quikhaul LLC® also has workers comp just in case someone stubs their toe! All kidding aside, having insurance to cover any workers from injury is important for any moving labor company to have. It’s that little extra added assurance. It will save you, the homeowner, from filing a claim with your insurance.

    5 Star Wilmington Moving Labor Service Rating

    Quikhaul LLC® has great references and nothing less than a 5-star rating when it comes to labor and customer service. Many of our customers have called to say that the other company never even showed up for the appointment! Just read the reviews from our many satisfied customers. We aim to please our customers with the best service possible. Call 910-475-7000 today!

    Quikhaul LLC® is a moving labor-only service.