Refrigerator Delivery Services Wilmington NC

Refrigerator Delivery Services


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    Refrigerator Delivery Services Wilmington NC

    Quikhaul provides professional refrigerator delivery services Wilmington NC. Our experienced team will deliver your new refrigerator, freezer, or any appliance to you . Some appliance stores, consignment stores, or retail stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, may not have a delivery service. And if you don’t have the right vehicle, it may be difficult for one person to get the refrigerator into the home and installed. Purchasing a refrigerator, any appliance, or anything that will not fit in your vehicle is what Quikhaul delivers.  Also, if you find yourself needing appliance disposal of stoves, freezers, or commercial hot water heaters, give Quikhaul a call today at 910-475-7000.