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    Office Furniture Assembly 

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    Office Furniture Assembly Wilmington NC

    Office furniture assembly services in Wilmington NC are provided by Quikhaul LLC’s® professional and experienced team. Ready-to-assembly office furniture today is beautiful, affordable and very functional. And the new modern look can make a drastic change to any office in your business or home office. However, assembling furniture can be time-consuming and confusing for some people.

    Office Chair Assembly 

    When it comes to office furniture assembly you will find there are many screws, pieces, and parts. The manufacturers make it look like a simple job. But guess what? When you open the box it can be a different story. And, a couple of knowledgeable workers will be needed to get the job done. Especially If you have large pieces, like a conference table, that need assembling. Office chairs assembly is one more service to consider. 

    Also, some ready-to-assemble furniture may require additional tools. Our team will come fully prepared with the right tools to get the job completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Office Furniture Delivery Wilmington NC

    Do you need some new or slightly used office furniture delivery? Sometimes you don’t have the right transportation for such a job. But Quikhaul LLC® delivers! We can deliver most anything. Check out what Quikhaul LLC® delivers. Also, we take great care when it comes to furniture. Our team makes sure it’s handled properly to prevent any damages. 

    When your business grows, a larger office will be needed. And why not opt for some nice new furniture for your new office! Office moves and furniture removal with our office furniture cleanout services are other services we provide for our customers.

    Call today to schedule your office furniture assembly at 910-475-7000. Check out the great testimonies from previous clients as well.