Hoarding Cleanup Service in Wilmington NC


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    Hoarding Cleanup in Wilmington NC

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    Eliminate a Hazard with Hoarding Cleanup in Wilmington NC

    Do you know someone who needs a hoarding cleanup service in Wilmington NC? Most people who hoard have a hard time letting go of things they do not need. They may continue to buy things but never use them. Or, maybe you have held on to some things for too long and need to get rid of them. Most people practice a “spring cleaning” and purge and donate things not used anymore.

    However, hoarding is different than just collecting. A hoarder can have so much stuff that cleaning the home gets neglected. And, because the home gets neglected, mold, mildew, pests, and rodents can become a problem. This becomes a health and fire hazard for the homeowner. Especially if the homeowner has pets. This is not an ideal situation for anyone to live in.

    How You Can Help With Hoarding Cleanup Service in Wilmington NC

    Hoarders may not be able to see that there is a problem. This is why a family member or caring friend should step in and provide some much-needed guidance and help. A hoarder will probably reject the idea of letting go of their things at first. But, with some counseling by a professional, the hoarder can get a clearer understanding of how important it is to make some changes that are good for them. Especially their health!

    Professional hoarding cleanup and disposal service in Wilmington NC is just a phone call away! Quikhaul LLC® provides referrals to some of the best independent contractors in the business. Call us today at 910-475-7000 to schedule an appointment. The independent contractor will visit the home to assess the job and provide a quote for the cleanup and disposal of the household and any other items that need to be hauled away. Make arrangements for the other services that will be needed. 

    • A professional who deals with hoarders. 
    • Get some boxes for items that will be thrown away.
    • Schedule a day for the cleanup.
    • Arrange for house cleaning from top to bottom.
    • Schedule a day and time for pest control. 
    • Call a handyman for home maintenance of any dripping faucets, a fresh coat of paint, and an AC and heating unit check.

    Providing some much-needed nutritional food for the homeowner will be a nice touch as well! Most of all, you will know that you have made a wonderful and meaningful difference in someone’s life.