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3 Reasons for Old Non-working Refrigerator Removal in Wilmington, NC

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Old Non-working Refrigerator Removal

There is nothing worse than coming home and finding that the fridge is on the blink! So, what are the reasons for an old non-working refrigerator removal in Wilmington, NC? Well, the best thing to do is give Quikhaul LL® a call for same-day junk removal service.

3 Reasons for Quick Refrigerator Removal

  • Food spoils within 4 hours
  • Unsafe for children
  • Appliances are heavy

For a safe social pickup, we suggest you place the old non-working refrigerator for removal in your garage if possible. However, if this is impossible, getting the refrigerator to the nearest door is the next best option. This makes refrigerator removal safe and quick for everyone. And, non-working appliances are hazardous for young children. Furthermore, refrigerators are very heavy and bulky. Getting them loaded on a truck will take a lot of effort and strength.

Don’t wait to throw out the old food. Do it right away so the food does not spoil even further and make cleaning it out unpleasant! Discard any spoiled food that is not salvageable, especially if it has been in the fridge for more than 4 hours, even with the door closed. Food spoils very quickly and makes it very unsafe to eat.

If the freezer is full and the door has been closed the entire time, you can expect the food to last 24 hours without spoiling. Non-working refrigerator removal in Wilmington NC is easy for Quikhaul LLC®. We provide the manpower and the truck to transport it to the recycling center for quick and safe refrigerator removal and disposal

Non-working Refrigerator Removal in Wilmington, NC

Old non-working refrigerator removal in Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding areas is just a phone call away at 910-475-7000. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for the removal of your refrigerator, freezer, or any appliance removal and disposal service.