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Curbside Couch Removal for Easy Pickup

Easy Sofa Pickup Removal

Get rid of that old sofa today! It’s easy with curbside couch removal and disposal service. Place all furniture outside your garage or by the curb for easy pickup. Our providers keep social distancing at the forefront. As a result, your couch and other items are removed and disposed of in a safe way for everyone.

Not all cities provide free sofa removal. Our junk removal service providers take heavy furniture, sleeper sofas and bulky items to the local landfill to be recycled. Calling Quikhaul LLC® is the easiest way to get rid of an old couch using curbside removal. Do you need appliance removal and disposal as well? We are your local junk removal company that provides these services.

Curbside Couch Removal

Charities and resale stores will pick up reusable couches when they are not soiled and torn. Furthermore, there are always people who are in need and would love to make good use of it. There are many ways how to get rid of old furniture. For example, post an ad for “free” in local directory listings online. And those who have a truck will be happy to pick it up for free. They will come and get the couch and you will not have to have someone haul it off for you. This will save you some money too!

Before getting rid of that unwanted sofa who will deliver your new one. Also, not all retail stores deliver furniture or bulky items. If this is the case, calling Quikhaul LLC®, your local moving labor and delivery company will be your best option.

Furthermore, our professional service providers are experienced in delivering them to your home. We practice safe distancing and our professional service providers are conscious about protecting your walls and floors when delivering your new furniture. Contact us today by email or calls us at 910-475-7000 to schedule your appointment.

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