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5 Ways to Save Money With a Self Storage Unit Cleanout



Self Storage Unit Cleanout

Here are some tips on how you can make or save money with a self-storage unit cleanout.

1. Storage Unit Cleanout Sale

Hold a storage unit clean out sale. People love getting a bargain and you can make some extra money, especially if you are moving out of the area. How many more times are you going to move the same things that you no longer use? Some things may be hard to part with, but let the other stuff go. Sell your furniture, appliances, and other items through consignment stores, social media, and local ad sites.

2. Save Money with Decluttering

Occasionally a storage unit cleanout requires a truly professional touch. It’s amazing how quickly things can accumulate. We’ve all heard it many times before. Usually when we don’t really want to, but “change is the only thing that’s really consistent.” 

It touches us all and sometimes that change means that we have to move. When that happens there’s an incredible amount of stuff to think about. So, what you need is Quikhaul LLC® to step in and take care of decluttering and heavy lifting, literally. Just make an inventory list of things you want to keep and clutter you want to get rid of.

3. Where to Get Rid of Old Furniture

It’s best to get rid of old furniture you don’t want to take with you before moving. If it’s old and soiled, you will probably want to have it hauled away. Although furniture removal is just part of what we do, we always do everything professionally. If it’s a home cleanout or an estate cleanout, the one thing you can count on is Quikhaul LLC®! You can donate any useable furniture to a local church or non-profit.  They probably have a list of people who are in need. Also, check your local news for anyone who has lost everything due to a fire. They will appreciate anything that you can give.  Check out our reviews from previous clients about our awesome, 5 stars, customer service.

4. Reduce your inventory

Now that you have reduced your inventory of unwanted items in your storage unit, you can move into a smaller storage unit. This will help save even more money! Just think of all those months and years you have been hanging on to worthless junk! At Quikhaul LLC® we do it well.  More times than not, a storage unit is packed according to how the items were unloaded from the truck. This means that the very items you plan to use in the near future are now in the back of the storage unit.

5. Organize Your Self Storage Unit

Another service we provide help with is self-storage unit organizing. Face it, not everyone has the time or the means to get rid of unwanted junk. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it does. Our team will move your belongings from one self-storage unit to another. This will give you a chance to bring forward the things you might use in the near future. Boxes, furniture, and other items will be transferred in a neat and organized manner. Our team can easily rearrange and organize your self-storage unit for easier access.

Abandoned Storage Unit Cleanup

An abandoned storage unit leaves the landlord or property owner with a mess. And this mess can prevent the next tenant from moving their possessions into a storage unit.

There is no need for any self-storage facility to go a week or more before furniture and personal belongings are removed and disposed of. It needs to be cleaned out ASAP so that it can create cash flow again. Waiting will only lead to loss of income. However, Quikhaul LLC® is just a phone call away at 910-475-7000! We desire to provide our customers with quick and affordable self-storage unit cleanout service to ease your stress.

Junk removal is one area where we shine and it makes us feel good to help people. So, if you are in need of appliance removal, furniture removal, or have yard debris removal, the name to remember is Quikhaul LLC®. “We get things done QUIK!”

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Moving Helpers



Why You Should Hire Moving Helpers

Quikhaul LLC® provides expert moving helpers. And, we have experienced movers that understand what needs to be done. Read more about why you should hire moving helpers. Quikhaul LLC® has all “5-star reviews” and has a great reputation for customer service and satisfaction. That’s why we have many repeat customers and come highly recommended. Just check out our reviews!

1. Make your move easier

Hiring moving helpers in Wilmington NC is one way you can make the moving process easier and save money. And moving will be less physically demanding on you and your family. Quikhaul LLC® provides expert moving helpers. And, we have experienced movers that understand what needs to be done. Quikhaul LLC® has all “5-star reviews” and has a great reputation for customer service and satisfaction. That’s why we have many repeat customers and come highly recommended.

2. Hiring Moving Helpers Saves Money

Hiring moving helpers for moving labor saves money. They are a cost-effective way to get the right amount of moving help you need without going over the budget. The less you have to move, the more money you save. Especially for those who want to stay within a reasonable moving budget.

3. Get Your Belongings Packed the Right Way

Getting your belongings packed correctly is the third reason why you should hire moving helpers. Our team will pack your truck tight so that there is not a lot of movement when traveling. Some movers are not experienced and will just put your furniture and boxes into the truck with no thought of what could happen. Contact Quikhaul LLC at 910-475-7000 for reliable and expert moving out help near you. Count on Quikhaul LLC® to ease the burden of a local or long-distance move. Furthermore, Quikhaul LLC® makes sure everything is loaded professionally and safely.

Purge before you start and schedule our junk removal service team to get rid of it for you. Be sure to schedule appliance removal, debris, and furniture removal at least a week before the move.

  1. Schedule your moving helpers in advance to secure the date and time
  2. Call Quikhaul LLC® for junk removal to get rid of unwanted items before the move
  3. Get organized by packing small items yourself such as clothes, toys, dishes, shoes, books, etc.

Helpers to Unload Your Truck

Perhaps you only need moving labor help with unloading your moving truck of heavy furniture and appliances. If your move is local, save even more by moving the boxes, bags, or loose items yourself beforehand. 

Are you getting your home ready to sell and are replacing old appliances, carpet or cabinetry during a renovation? Call ahead to schedule at least a week in advance for any carpet removal, junk removal, and old appliance pick up. This will ensure that the day and time is set aside for you on moving day. Less expense will be incurred by doing the small item packing yourself. The more organized you are, the more you will save.

We do all the heavy lifting. Hiring moving helpers can ease your burden of local and long-distance moves. Give Quikhaul LLC® a call today at 910-475-700

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5 Ways How to Get Rid of Old Furniture



How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Unusable furniture can begin to stack up and get in the way or begin to overtake the storage areas of your attic or garage. And, did you know a couch or old furniture and appliances could become a magnet for rodents? Here are five ways on how to get rid of old furniture near you.

1. Hire local experts to get rid of old furniture

The best solution would be to hire our local experts at Quikhaul LLC® who are experienced with couch removal and disposal in Wilmington, NC We also service the surrounding areas. Not only are we quick, but the Quikhaul LLC® team will do all the heavy lifting for you. Then, we take it to the landfill and unload it. We make sure soiled, broken, and worn-out furniture gets disposed of in the proper manner and according to the law.

Hiring our experienced furniture removal company is also an affordable way to get rid of old furniture. We also clear out storage sheds, garages, rental and commercial properties. Everyone wants to hold onto items that you’ll probably never use again. So don’t forget to ask about the broken appliance disposal and delivery, electronics pickup, carpet removal, and general junk removal while the Quikhaul team is there. We may have time available then or schedule a time that is more convenient for you. All work is done quickly and efficiently.

Old Sofa Removal and Disposal

One thing you will want to consider is the weight of a couch. Couches, sofas, and loveseats can be quite heavy, especially if they recline or if they are sleeper sofas. Also, when the couch is located in a basement or the second or third floor of your home, getting the furniture out without damaging walls and floors will take some muscles and expertise.

Old sofa in Quikhaul truck

A simple home renovation or update can leave you with a pile of unwanted furniture. Especially if it’s furniture that’s too massive to store. And paying for a storage unit can be costly if it’s going to be filled with items you’ll never use again. But Quikhaul LLC’s furniture removal services make it easy!

2. Place your old furniture on the curb to get rid of it

Do you have time to wait? Call your local waste management office or go online to schedule furniture and bulky items removal and disposal. The furniture can be placed on the curb after you have a scheduled pickup date. Do you need to get the job done quickly? Call Quikhaul LL® at 910-475-7000. Check with your HOA or go over the covenants and restrictions where you live to make sure it’s OK to do this first! Getting rid of old furniture can be time-consuming. It depends on what the furniture item is and what condition it’s in. Putting the furniture out by the curb lets others know that it is free for the taking. The only thing is, the neighbors may have some objections if it’s by the curb for too long.

Other items that Quikhaul LLC® will pick up

  • dirt 
  • rocks 
  • concrete 
  • tires
  • wet Paint liquids (must be dried)

Items that Quikhaul LLC will not pick up

  • liquids or sharp objects
  • hazardous materials 
  • chemicals or pesticides 
  • medical waste
  • flammables

3. Donate your old furniture to local charities

If your couch, mattress, table, chairs, are still usable, call your local charity to see if they might have a family that is in need. The Salvation Army and Goodwill also provide pickup of old and slightly used furniture. The items they accept at each location will vary. Craigslist is always an “easy and free” way to advertise that you have items for free. They just need to come to pick them up. But, if they are soiled, worn out and broken, chances are they will not take them. This will leave you searching for someone to get rid of the old furniture for you. For a quick solution for the furniture, pickup contact Quikhaul LLC®.

4. Get rid of old furniture by advertising

There are many free listing services where you can advertise free old furniture. Notify your neighbors and friends at work that you have some items that you are giving away for a small fee or for free.

5. Call a friend with a truck

Do you have a friend or neighbor that has a truck? Call and check with them to see if they have any plans to visit the local landfill in the near future. If not, then you can rent a truck yourself. Renting a truck will cost you money and you might have to take some time off of work to get the job done. You will need some help getting the old furniture loaded and unloaded at the dumpsite. And, you will have to pay the landfill fees based on the weight of the used furniture. Get a quote today or call 910-475-7000 to schedule your appointment to get rid of your old furniture.

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3 Ways How to Recycle a Fridge



How to Recycle a Fridge

How to recycle a fridge takes some thought and ingenuity. Did you know that appliance recycling takes a little effort from the recycler themselves? Recycling old refrigerators does not mean you can just throw them away. A refrigerator or freezer will have to have the freon removed before it can be safely recycled. Do some research before you get started. Why? Because getting a refrigerator or freezer to the proper destination for recycling is the law. Quikhaul LLC® will make sure the old appliances get disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

1. Recycle a Fridge by Hiring an Expert

Throwing away or getting rid of non-working appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc is easier said than done. It’s essential to recycle a fridge by hiring an expert when it comes to junk removal. Quikhaul LLC® is knowledgeable and experienced with both small and large appliance recycling.If you have ever tried to move or lift appliances, you probably know that they are very heavy! But, appliance removal and disposal do not have to be a backbreaking experience for you. Quikhaul LLC® can have these items out of your way quickly. Our team has the right equipment and “know-how.”

2. Recycle a Fridge Through Donating

You can re-purpose or recycle your refrigerator by donating to a less fortunate family. I guarantee they will be very thankful! Habitat for Humanity is a great organization to contact concerning your appliance donation. Sales from donated items help build affordable homes for low and middle-income families You could even give the refrigerator a good cleaning before taking it. And, most organizations have a truck available to pick up donations from your home or business.

3. Call Your Local Used Appliance Dealer for Recycling

There are some used appliance dealers in your local area that will take refrigerators and other appliances if they are still working. If the appliance can be easily fixed and is not too old, chances are they will probably take it off your hands. Each used appliance dealer will have their own rules about what they will take or pick up. Give them a call and ask some questions.

What we recycle

  • Upright and chest freezers
  • Washing machines 
  • Clothes dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Window air conditioners
  • Trash compactors
  • Water heaters

Replacing Your Recycled Refrigerator

Hopefully, you have thought about replacing your recycled refrigerator with a new one. Quikhaul LLC provides a refrigerator delivery service in Wilmington NC. Just visit your local appliance store and select your fridge and freezer. If they do not deliver or are not available for a few days, give us a call. Schedule your new refrigerator or appliance delivery for a time that is more convenient for you. This can be done when you call to arrange for pick up of the old. Why wait around for the retail store to deliver? When you need it done ASAP, Quikhaul LLC® is here. Check out all the things that Quikhaul LLC® delivers.We also provide affordable and reasonable moving labor helpers. Just give us a call today at 910-475-7000 or get a quote.