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Who Can I Hire for Business to Home Delivery?

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, having a business to home delivery service on stand-by could be a real money (and back) saver.  Read below to discover the benefits that a home delivery service provider like Quikhaul LLC® can provide to both business owners and consumers alike.

Why Businesses Should Use a Home Delivery Service

Owning and operating your own delivery service is not practical for all business owners. Vehicles will have to be fully insured and your drivers will need the same benefits as your regular employees. That is when everything is going smoothly. Delivery vehicles will also need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Even if you need to make several deliveries each day, it may be more feasible for you to contract out to a business to home delivery service, such as Quikhaul LLC®. From washer and dryer delivery to outdoor dog house delivery, there are very few limits on what QuikHaul delivers.

Benefits for Businesses That Use a Delivery Service

  1. More Sales

It can be disheartening for a business owner to have to watch a potential customer walk out the doors. Why? Because they had no way to get that washer and dryer or couch to their home. Providing them fast access to a delivery company can help increase the number of customers you can serve.

  1. Save Money

It may make more financial sense to most business owners to contract out to a delivery service. Especially if you calculate the cost of maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles as well as compensating delivery drivers.

  1. Save Headaches

Quikhaul service providers are reliable and well-trained individuals. And, they have the knowledge needed to safely load, haul, and unload numerous items.

Why Consumers Should Use a Home Delivery Service

Consumers can benefit from a business-to-home labor service just as much as a business can. Planning on shopping for the perfect large appliance or piece of furniture? Find out beforehand if the business offers delivery services. If they don’t, have the business card of a reliable delivery service in your wallet or purse. Quikhaul’s service providers will have the required vehicles needed for hauling your items. Furthermore, we have experienced helpers to help load and haul your purchase straight from the business to your home. Call Quikhaul LLC®  at 910-475-7000 to book now.