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5 Reasons to Hire Insured Moving Labor in Wilmington NC

Moving labor man with moving boxes.

Yeah! You are moving to your new home! And, there are many good reasons to hire insured moving labor. The first being that is just makes a lot of sense. Decisions have been made. The plan is falling into place, and the big moving day is approaching. Moving involves a lot of planning so that everything goes smoothly and without a hitch. However, sometimes moving day goes a little different than planned. General liability will help protect you from any unexpected mishap.

Insured Moving Labor Companies

Many people who haven’t moved in a long time can find moving day to be a little daunting. With so many things on your mind at once, knowing who to hire is critical. Perhaps you have underestimated how much stuff you have. There is also the weight and the awkwardness of large and bulky furniture to deal with. Hire dependable and insured movers who will take on all the heavy lifting for you. 

Many labor-only companies are happy to give you some advice on helpful moving labor tips for pre-moving preparations. Ask your family and friends for references or search the internet for companies with great reviews!

Insured Moving Labor Service

Do you have an understanding of moving labor-only services vs full moving services? Renting a moving truck is probably one of your best options. To save moving costs, hire insured moving labor. Why? Because most companies charge a single fee or a set fee that covers all your moving needs. However, being upfront with the moving labor company will avoid any surprises. Be transparent about any extra heavy or bulky items, stairs, or obstacles your movers may encounter when booking an appointment. The price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Most reputable moving labor companies require a deposit to hold your move date. Especially during peak moving season. And, a two-hour minimum is a normal requirement for moving labor service.

General Liability Insurance

If you’ve ever moved before, then you know firsthand how easy it is to scratch a floor. You may have even put a dent in a wall! And, be careful when moving large and bulky items that could damage the doorway trim. Experienced and insured moving labor knows exactly how to pivot and turn large furniture to avoid damages. General liability insurance will only cover the basic cost according to state and local moving laws. In the unfortunate and rare event that damage does take place.

Governing laws associated with full service moving companies in NC covers up to “60 cents per pound” for any damage that may. However, moving labor only help is not regulated by the state of NC like full move service companies. And, moving labor only companies are not required to have a license in NC.

Insured Movers’ Liability

A team of experienced and insured moving laborers will know how to load your items in a way that practically ensures their safety. Items damaged are not covered during the move or in transit, unfortunately. The moving labor company is not liable since they do not own the rental truck.

Workman’s Comp Insurance

A reputable and experienced moving labor company will put the utmost care into keeping your belongings safe during the loading and/or unloading. Furthermore, a sub-contractor or referral company is responsible for providing workman’s comp medical benefits. This will cover their workers for any injuries that may occur while on the job.

Cancellation Policy

Also, always ask what their cancellation policy is. Generally speaking, give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation to avoid any fees. Moving labor service providers have to schedule your move to assure that the time and date you need is available. Cancelling your date without sufficient notice can cause the company a loss.

Last but certainly not least, make sure the company you hire accepts credit and debit cards. Get a receipt for your deposit and total moving labor cost. Some companies that are not insured will most likely only accept cash.