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Moving Labor Services vs Full Moving Services

Moving boxes in a room with pillows

Moving involves a lot of planning and decision-making whether it’s near or far. Start by finding a suitable location, narrow down a date, and then start working out the details of the actual move. Do you want to do it all yourself? Maybe you’d prefer to hire a moving company to do all the heavy lifting. But even then, you have to decide on whether you want full a service moving company or moving labor only services. And, what are the differences between these two types of service?

Moving Labor Only Services

If you have access to rent your moving trucks, vans, trailers, or containers but just need a little help getting everything loaded, you may opt to load and unload moving labor service companies. They also provide last-minute loading and unloading moving labor for your household goods, heavy furniture, appliances, and boxes into the rental truck.  Moving labor only service provides just what it sounds like: moving labor help. 

Companies that only provide moving help do not normally do not provide a moving truck. You will need to rent a rental truck for the move. A few companies may have a few moving blankets that can be used. Be sure to rent some blankets for any fragile furniture if they don’t. 

Truck rental providers will be able to assist you in determining what size truck is needed. Be as specific as possible. They will want to know how many bedrooms and square footage of the home to better understand your move. Some good tape and plastic wrap are good to have on hand as well. Here are some more great tips on how to save moving costs.

Local Movers

Local mover services are more affordable when it comes to pricing than full-service companies. Why? Because a full-service moving company’s pricing is based on the weight of your household items. They also provide all the boxes, wrapping paper, tape, padding, furniture blankets, and equipment necessary to move your household items. Doing these things, yourself, before the labor help arrives will save you a lot of money!

Always check out the reviews on Google. Look for reputable companies that have “5 stars” and those that provide great customer service. You will be glad you did! Many people advertise on service sites and other places but are not actually a company. Therefore, they probably don’t provide insurance in case something should get broken.

Full-Service Moving Company

Your other option for moving help is a full-service moving company. These companies can generally help with a wide range of services to help you move. Full-service moving laborers are often well-trained in a variety of services to fit almost all moving needs. You should get an inventory of all your items and there will be a contract for you to sign. It is necessary to read it thoroughly to understand the extra fees that can be added by the company upon signing the contract.

Another major benefit of hiring a full-service moving company is that they provide their trucks, vans, trailers, or containers and then handle the loading and unloading. Their services also include wrapping furniture and boxing items. Everything is done for you from start to finish.

These types of moving companies are regulated and should always be licensed and insured. Visit the DOT online in your state and research the company for the proper credentials. Do your due diligence before hiring any moving service. Insured moving companies will reimburse you according to moving laws in the event an item is damaged. This is important as most folks only want to hire insured moving labor.

However, expect to pay a lot more for a full move service. Due to the wide range of services and coverage, a full-service company will always charge more than a moving labor-only service. Save more money if you avoid moving during the peak moving season. The choice is yours, just do the research!