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How Much Does It Cost to Pack Up a House?

Cost to Pack Up a House

Are you planning to move in the near future? You might want to find out the cost to pack up a house in advance. Just the thought of packing up your household might leave you wondering how you will get everything done on time. That’s understandable. Packing can take longer than you want, even if you don’t have a lot of things. However, Quikhaul LLC® is your ideal local mover for small jobs in Wilmington NC

House Packing Costs

Don’t spend hours packing yourself. Hire a local moving labor specialist to pack and unpack your belongings for you. Many individuals, families, and businesses need this special service in Wilmington, NC. But, how much does it cost to pack up a house? The average price to pack a home is around $1000. But, this will depend on many variables. And, prices can range from $350 to $3600 to pack and unpack a home.

Will you pay extra when your movers pack your personal objects? Absolutely. However, the bottom line cost will depend on a few factors. We’ve outlined them below.

#1: Things You Need Packed Affect Cost

Paying moving labor in Wilmington, NC to pack a one-bedroom efficiency apartment will of course cost less than paying to pack up a four-bedroom single-family dwelling. Therefore, you can expect to receive an estimated cost to pack up a house. It will always be based on how many things you have and how many rooms of items need to be packed.

#2: Packing Cost for Heavy Items

The more unusually sized, big, or fragile your pieces, the more your packing estimate is apt to be. This only makes sense. Moving a baby grand piano, lots of artwork, and plenty of antiques is different from moving traditional small boxes and a few minor pieces of furniture.

#3: Same-Day Moving Help

At Quikhaul LLC®, we offer same-day moving labor in Wilmington, NC. Many people find this a wonderful relief, especially if they need to relocate immediately. With that being said, expect to pay extra fees for this service if you need packing for a fast move.

It’s up to you whether or not to pay for someone to pack and haul your belongings during your next move. Just know that the money you spend to have professionals do the packing. This lightens your load to follow through on other commitments. And, here are 4 reasons why you should hire dependable movers. Consequently, even though you’re going to pay for this moving service, you get the benefit of less stress along the way.

For more information on packing services, give us a call today at 910-475-7000.

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10 Tips on How to Save Moving Costs

Moving can be very costly. All the little expenses here and there can really start to add up. Here are 10 tips on how to save on moving costs.

1.Save Moving Costs With a Yard Sale

As you begin the packing process, you may want to take this opportunity to consider whether or not each item is worth packing and moving. A yard sale might just be the perfect way to save moving labor costs as well as put a few extra bucks in your pocket.

2.Donate Any Items That Don’t Sell

If you tried the yard sale and still have items you don’t think are worth moving, you could donate them to a thrift store or put them online for free. Someone is bound to take them off your hands.

3.Be Creative with Packing Materials

Pack everything you can, yourself!. Packing material for your breakable items is just one more added expense to the whole moving process. Find some free boxes and consider looking for used packing material or using soft materials you have laying around your house. Clothing and towels are wonderful for protecting your fragile items. Try calling the local newspaper office to see if they have an old stack for the taking.

4.Make All Your Measurements Before Moving Day

You can save yourself a lot of headaches and possibly a few bucks by measuring your furniture and the doorways in your new facility before your home or apartment movers run into any snags. Remove any legs from sofas and empty the dresser drawers from all personal belongings.

5.Keep Purchases for Your New Home to a Minimum

Purchasing a new home is exciting and you may be tempted to overshop for new furnishings. However, if the idea is to save on moving costs, you may want to wait to do some shopping until you have a better idea of what you need the most.

Ask Your Employer If They Can Help Save Moving Costs

If you are moving to another city or state, many employers will offer reimbursements for some or all of the moving labor service costs. Check with your human resources department first to see if and how much they will cover.

Shop Around for the Right Movers

Plan ahead! Don’t wait till the last day to call and schedule your move. Get some quotes, do your research and book your reservation with a reputable company. Read reviews from other customers online. And, instead of paying top dollar for an all-inclusive moving company, consider hiring labor services. A professional moving labor company will generally provide help with the heavy lifting and the loading and unloading of heavy items from your moving trucks. Last-minute loading and unloading help near you is still available but it will probably cost a little more.

Consider Delaying Your Move Until the “Off Season”

You might be able to save some money on movers and other expenses by moving during the “off-season.” Typically speaking, the moving season is generally throughout the summer months. Book your move in early Spring and Fall. They tend to be slower seasons and moving labor helpers will be available to help at a lower price.

Window Shop for Affordable Storage Units

If you have sold your current home before your new home is ready, utilize a storage rental facility for things that will not be needed until the move is completed. This way the move will take less time and will save you some money. You will be able to have the other items delivered at a later date.

Ask for a Discount or Coupon to Save Costs

If you are creative, you can find multiple ways to slash your budget. Ask for a discount or use a coupon to save a little extra. Most moving labor service companies are glad to offer a 10% discount. And remember, a penny saved, is a penny earned. Happy Moving!

Quikhaul LLC® is a professional and experienced moving labor help provider that can help save you money. Contact them or give them a call to get a quote today at 910-475-7000.